Psychotherapy can create positive change in the quality of each day. By building on one’s strengths, identifying challenges and goals, achieving behavioural changes, a client can improve self-esteem, satisfaction in relationships and lifestyle and foster resiliency. Using a client centred approach within a mutually respectful relationship, a client may be empowered to make more aware and adaptive choices.

You May Seek Psychotherapy, If…

  • You regularly experience symptoms of over-thinking, stress, anxiety
  • You are experiencing difficulties, conflicts in significant relationships
  • Your anger intensity is inappropriate to the present situation
  • You feel sad, depressed, guilty, hopeless, ashamed regularly
  • You neglect yourself providing for others’ needs
  • You feel a lack of belonging, disconnection from family & friends
  • You are overcome by feelings and symptoms of grief

You May Benefit From Psychotherapy, By…

  • Creating honesty, respect and cooperation in significant relationships
  • Uncovering the real causes of your anger, learning strategies to control triggers
  • Exploring core beliefs & taking action to create positive thoughts & behaviour
  • Exploring who you are and focusing on your strengths as a path to self-acceptance
  • Experiencing a strong sense of purpose, optimism and energy to contribute to self, family and community

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