Whatever You Think

Before summer ends and as you are gearing up for back to work and school details, take the opportunity to do some personal inquiry into the unique ways of relating to yourself and others. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself: the understanding and questioning you have about your thoughts, and the usual themes that you believe are true.

Do you believe what you think about? People have thousands of thoughts daily so to pose the question, “Is this really true?” to each notion that comes through your mind would be a daunting task. Yet some form of self-discernment is helpful in discovering the beliefs that are creating the issues in your interactions. Common thoughts such as: “That was stupid of me, or “She doesn’t like me, or “I don’t have what it takes to do this,” are usually not questioned for their validity. This may leave you feeling inadequate or disgruntled with yourself. If you believe your stressful thoughts, you create more stress in your life.

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The Art of Living an Empowered Life – Part 1

Thousands of people suffer from self-doubt, fears of inadequacy, feelings of worthlessness and unhealthy self-criticism. Each time we are faced with a difficult situation and we judge ourselves with inner dialogue, such as: ‘what’s wrong with me! I am a…. (loser, joke, stupid, useless)’, we are experiencing a drop in our self-esteem, defeating our sense of worthiness.

The journey is to gain a new perspective of ourselves through changing the way that we look at and speak to ourselves and by choosing behaviours that we respect.

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