The answer is within … Coach it out

Dr. Phil and Oprah, move over! People might be waking up to a need to know and understand themselves and others more, and re-connect with what happiness and success really mean to them, but they don’t need to go on TV anymore!

There is another trend that’s making its presence recognized as a powerful tool: Coaching. Coaching is known by many names depending on the specialty or the niche. You may have heard of executive coaching, corporate coaching, business coaching, life coaching, success coaching … and the list goes on. Coaching brings personal and professional development as well as business and organizational development to another level than training and self-help programs. Coaching is highly customized and happens right in your own environment, where you face your challenges every day.

One comparison I often use when explaining coaching is that having a coach is like having a personal trainer. The personal fitness trainer helps you clarify your fitness goals and helps you stay motivated. On the other hand, a coach works with you in any area that’s important to you, whether personal or business and quite often both. The difference is that whereas the personal trainer designs a fitness program for you, a coach elicits the solutions and the awareness from within you.

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