Women’s Challenges Today

Did you see the recent stats in the Toronto Star about women? According to the article, women are going to be more alone in their future lifestyles. This will be the result of the rising divorce rate, male medical fatalities and women who are choosing to be on their own.

A disturbing statistic was the increase in female stroke and heart disease. As women take on more and more responsibility as single parents, caring for aging parents, and more senior positions in the workplace, stress and burn out symptoms increase and require a change in attitude and lifestyle.

In my professional work, there are some predictable patterns and issues that many women, and of course some men, present.

Women tend to be more ‘others’ focused, which means that they are more likely to know their families’ and friends’ needs more than their own. I believe that as women, from our past programming, we are connection, and relationship oriented. Our role models mostly taught us to focus on others, especially significant others, which has resulted in not giving ourselves enough nurturing and little acceptance of our own needs and wants.

Another issue that many women, and men struggle with, is the fear of being alone. While this fear can create much difficulty within a relationship, it becomes huge when individuals have to face life on their own.

Let’s look more deeply into these two challenges: self-nurturing and being alone.

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Faith, Trust and Football

February 5th 2006 is a special day. If you’re a football fan, you already know why. For those of us who are not, (and I’m not!) let me tell you why.

On February 5th, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl. That in itself is great but many other teams have won the Super Bowl before. So what made this Super Bowl more special than other ones?

I was half watching the end of it with my husband and half reading a book. But then I heard a big roar and looked up at the television set and I heard the announcer say something like … Finally… It is Bill Cowher’s turn to win the Super Bowl and something to the effect he was the longest standing coach of the same team in the NFL – even if the last time he brought his team to the Super Bowl (and lost) was 10 years ago, in 1995.

Well, the word that came to my mind when I heard about their victory was persistence. The next words were trust and faith.

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The answer is within … Coach it out

Dr. Phil and Oprah, move over! People might be waking up to a need to know and understand themselves and others more, and re-connect with what happiness and success really mean to them, but they don’t need to go on TV anymore!

There is another trend that’s making its presence recognized as a powerful tool: Coaching. Coaching is known by many names depending on the specialty or the niche. You may have heard of executive coaching, corporate coaching, business coaching, life coaching, success coaching … and the list goes on. Coaching brings personal and professional development as well as business and organizational development to another level than training and self-help programs. Coaching is highly customized and happens right in your own environment, where you face your challenges every day.

One comparison I often use when explaining coaching is that having a coach is like having a personal trainer. The personal fitness trainer helps you clarify your fitness goals and helps you stay motivated. On the other hand, a coach works with you in any area that’s important to you, whether personal or business and quite often both. The difference is that whereas the personal trainer designs a fitness program for you, a coach elicits the solutions and the awareness from within you.

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On A Happy Note! Understanding Happiness – How to Change Your Life

When children are given three wishes, they often wish for a new game-boy or a new toy that is being widely advertised.

Even as adults, if we were given the same three wishes, many of us would ask for toys and lots of money, right? Then we might consider health and other choices, expecting that lots of money will bring the happiness we imagine that it provides. Surprisingly, research indicates that money does not provide happiness on its own and that there are a number of other influences involved.

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