In 2006/7 I was asked to work in Belgium for 14 months advising a multi-national client on Europe-wide project implementation. During the assignment, Elizabeth coached me through the issues of working in a foreign management culture, and the personal issues associated with spending more than a year away from my family. I would not have been successful without her.
Kevin Coleman, Oakville, Ontario

To say that through Elizabeth I made progress is a gross understatement. She helped me to map out my own plan, to streamline my ambition and define my purpose. I’m now fully committed to my own projects, fully focused on what want to achieve, and in a better financial position than I’ve been in for some time. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for her.
Phil Jandaly, artist and filmmaker

Elizabeth is a VERY powerful coach. She challenged me so that I worked in deeper & broader domains than ever before. I am now grounded in such essential clarity that I am able to focus and ACT towards new ways of BEING, with increasingly exciting measurable results – the work is flowing and my soul is soaring! Thank you for such a gift of LIFE Elizabeth.
Alison Atkins, Principal, Avenir Consulting Ottawa

Anne’s unique gift as a counsellor is in her incredible ability to take a conversation and deliver it back in a perfect package with great insight and clarity. In her calm and compassionate way, Anne brings comfort to any situation and sheds light where darkness has otherwise consumed logic. She is innovative in her approach and committed to life long learning and personal development which is a definite reflection of her commitment to serve and support her clients. Anne has had a profound impact on my life and has been extremely influential in my healing journey. She is a dedicated professional who has the passion and determination to make a difference.
L.C. Mississauga

Anne brings a special quality of attentive presence to her theraputic work that creates a sacred space in which I have felt safe to open up, let go and expand. Acting as a loving guide and witness, she has helped me to know my own heart and be at peace in my soul.
A. R. Toronto

Anne has become our time traveler; she picks us up from our past, brings us back from our undefined future and encourages us to explore today. Through Anne’s smile and laughter, her gentle guidance, she has become our professional and most cherished friend. My wife and I believe that everyone should acquire a councilor, even if it just means having an uninterrupted hour with your spouse just to talk to and laugh with, nothing has to be “wrong”, it just keeps everything right.
S.E. Mississauga

I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Nathalie for over five years. She helped me to see that what you do on the mat is reflective of what you do in everyday life and that yoga is really a means for personal growth, physically and mentally. If you can learn how to change your behaviour during your practice, then you can learn how to change your behaviour in the rest of your life. Nathalie keeps you honest during your practice by always encouraging you to push yourself outside your comfort zone as often as possible. Before I started practicing yoga with her I never thought of yoga as being challenging or life changing, but over the years she has helped me to see that it is both.
Janette Kelly

Nathalie has found her calling in life when she decided to become a yoga teacher. She has a keen sense for knowing the right thing to say, exactly at the right moment, to make my mind turn inwards and gain a deeper awareness and understanding of myself, and why I do the things I do. And just when I begin to think that I’ve figured something out, she says the next right thing and opens my eyes to the fact that there is yet another even deeper layer to peel away and explore. It’s humbling and it’s hard work, both physically and mentally, but this newly gained awareness of my body and mind seems to permeate all aspects of my life, and helps me prioritize and focus on the things that are most important to me.
Violetta House

Nathalie is very knowledgeable. She also is a great instructor. She gave clear instructions and demonstrates each exercise/pose. She also walked around and corrected everyone’s form. That to me is a quality that only great instructors have. I felt very safe doing Yoga with Natalie. She also shared her own experience which I found extremely helpful. Every class she taught would target a different muscle group. She kept me wanting to come back every time. After each class I felt very peaceful, relaxed and less stressed. I also felt a lot closer to my baby. I enjoyed the Classes. I would do them again. Once again thank you Natalie for making my labour tolerable.
Gloria Castro

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