Feeling Wired Up But Melting Down? Managing Energy for Life Satisfaction

The Challenges of Today’s Lifestyle

Our complex, fast-paced world creates unrelenting pressure at work, and in our personal lives. Multitasking, distress and exhaustion flourish in a society where we perceive there is not enough “time” to experience quality interactions and to successfully meet our daily obligations.

If our goal is only to manage our time efficiently, we may not muster enough energy to stay present, patient, positive and lively! Everything that we do requires energy, from a loving talk with our children about household duties, being emotionally and physically intimate with our partner, to negotiating and problem solving with family members, work associates and clients.

Traditional methods of time management are breaking down by bytes and bites. There are 168 hours each week, and we know that we cannot sustain a 24/7 lifestyle! When we try to beat the clock, we feel frustration, anxiety, exhaustion and we question ourselves, “How can I finish all of this?” or “When does it ever end?” or even worse, “Will there ever be time for my needs?”

Now imagine a different picture. Instead of trying to control time we create a lifestyle that focuses on managing our energy . We learn how to expand our energies, by making changes that promote balance and increase the possibility of the positive quality, rather than quantity of our daily output.

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